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Give Me 3 Steps

Give Me 3 Steps

Apr 14, 2011

“Who­ever con­ceals their sins does not pros­per, but the one who con­fesses and renounces them finds mercy.”  Proverbs 28:13

Scrip­ture gives us a sim­ple 3 step plan to a bet­ter life, a new life, and to a bet­ter rela­tion­ship with those around us. Con­fess our sins, repent of them and ask for for­give­ness. In light of human rela­tion­ships we’d say; acknowl­edge we’ve done some­thing wrong, apol­o­gize and ask for for­give­ness. It’s so sim­ple yet still we can’t get it right.

As men we value strength and courage, and exter­nally we can dis­play that strength and courage through even the most dif­fi­cult of cir­cum­stances. But if we’re hon­est with our­selves, most of us have a hard time with con­fes­sion. Con­fes­sion means we have to admit our mis­takes and fail­ures, and we assume these admis­sions will expose our weak­nesses and open us to judge­ment or ridicule.  The mere thought of admit­ting that we need help or that we made a mis­take can send some guys into a near panic, or worse yet an elab­o­rate cover-up.  Many guys think that they can hide their flaws and fail­ings with a strong, for­ward, take charge per­son­al­ity.  This type of behav­ior has also been described as the ‘Imposter Syn­drome’, a behav­ior of push­ing fears, uncer­tain­ties, etc into dark cor­ners where we think no one can see them and putting on a front of “I’ve got this… I’m in control”.

The prob­lem with push­ing these things into dark cor­ners is that noth­ing good grows in dark­ness, only things like mold and fun­gus that bring sick­ness and dis­ease.  We may think we can hide things like porn, lust, deceit, unfor­give­ness, alco­hol or drug addic­tion, lying, cheat­ing or steal­ing where no one can see them, but that’s a lie the enemy of our souls is telling us.  As dif­fi­cult as it may seem, drag­ging these things out from those dark hid­ing places and expos­ing them to the light is the only way to over­come them.  Cow­ards hide but real men muster the brav­ery to admit their weak­nesses and are not afraid to ask for help.  It’s only when we hon­estly own up to and con­fess our sins that we can truly repent of them and receive for­give­ness.  And receiv­ing that for­give­ness, both from those we may have harmed and from our­selves, is where real change and growth begin.

So, the ques­tion is… Are you man enough?!! …  Are you man enough to admit your sins, fail­ures and weak­nesses?  Are you man enough to change, even if that means you’ll need some­one else’s help to make the change?  And are you man enough to ask for, and truly accept for­give­ness from those around you, from your­self and from God?

Psalm 32:1–5

Blessed is the one whose trans­gres­sions are for­given,
whose sins are cov­ered.
Blessed is the one whose sin the LORD does not count against them
and in whose spirit is no deceit.

When I kept silent, my bones wasted away
For day and night your hand was heavy on me;
my strength was sapped as in the heat of summer.

Then I acknowl­edged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniq­uity.
I said, “I will con­fess my trans­gres­sions to the LORD.”
And you for­gave the guilt of my sin.

I pray that the Lord would bring the right friend and brother into your life, some­one you can trust and lean on for strength.  And I pray that, as men, we can be hum­ble enough to con­fess our fears, fail­ings and sins, and find for­give­ness in those we may have wronged, in the eyes of God, and in ourselves.

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